About Us

We recognize high quality products an connect users with values of the brand. We carefully choose products that meet the requirements of classy style.

Our portfolio consists of carefully selected brands that provides premium quality to the customers.

During selection of partner and brand we require integrity, quality, innovation and additional value for the customer. Therefore, we unite under our aegis globally famous brands with a story, style and quality- PANDORA and NESPRESSO.

Our companies, that represent the presence of these two strong brands, constantly grow and develop in compliance with the global requirements of their headquarters. We consider our companies as ambassadors of the chosen brands.



Clips DK/SF1 Clips - exclusive distributer of PANDORA jewellery for Serbia (Kosovo), Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, North Macedonia and Moldavia.  Following the standards of PANDORA brand, regional positioning trough network of retail, franchise and online stores has been carefully performed.  


SF1 Coffee - general distributer of Nespresso coffee in the region- Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria.


SF1 Properties - we provide you with additional services in accordance with the values of the group, which include renting quality office space in Belgrade, intended for office and retail business. We also offer the most frequent OOH locations in the center of Belgrade.



Territorial expanding by conquering new markets is our priority, providing quality to new, satisfied customers.

Our expertise and understanding the local markets enable administration of brands represented by us with high quality, providing long-lasting partnership of high quality.